• One-on-one counseling with experienced US physicians
  • Guidance all the way from medical school through residency Match
  • Mentors will help tailor & individualize course format based on the student's ability
  • Dedicated sessions each month for a total of 10 hours
  • Monthly checkpoints with physician Mentor via email
  • Students can set up meetings with their mentors depending on their needs and availability
  • Pre-enrollment guidance for USMLE Counseling & Mentorship: https://calendly.com/IFMGE/pre-enrollment-guidance

Course Description

  Buy now (10 hours distributed from Enrollment to Residency Match)
$ 1000

  Buy an hour
$ 120


Make an account -> Complete the payment -> US Physician Mentor and Calendly schedule will be assigned -> You can plan 30 minutes of zoom calls

For a zoom call appointment, you will be given a Calendly schedule of the faculty. WhatsApp texts will be answered based on availability of faculty and possibility of concern to discuss over chat.

Yes, you can cancel the appointment anytime three times during 2-years of enrollment. For hourly plans you CAN NOT cancel the appointment.

No refund

Full Mentorship will cover 10 hours of mentorship ($100 per hour) in multiple 30-minute Zoom video calls plus WhatsApp text message support for 2 years from enrollment. (Keep in mind the time differences and hectic schedule of US faculty.) An hourly plan ($120 per hour) will cover only two 30-minute Zoom video calls.


Texas Medical Center,
Houston, TX, 77030 USA

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