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The United States is at the forefront of medical care in the world. Medical students and graduates from around the globe compete to get a spot in a residency program.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) need to pass the USMLE exams and have an illustrious profile that includes US clinical and research experience. The journey doesn't end there, as IMGs also need to display exhibit good interpersonal skills and be prepared to crack the interview in order to impress the interview panel.

Usually, IMGs apply to multiple hospitals for clinical and research experience. They also need help to write a well formatted CV & personal statement. In addition to interview preparation.

Given the long, complex, and exhausting process of this journey. Time management, efficiency, and good interpersonal skills are as important as having good test scores.

IFMGE provides a one stop platform for medical students and IMGs to explore the necessary resources to stay ahead of the game and have the necessary guidance and resources at hand.

Our team will get you the guidance, education, clinical and research experience. We will also ensure that you have a well-rounded CV a compelling personal statement and sharpen your interview skills to have you stand out at the time of your application for the physician you are and the physician you want to be.

Our Philosophy

We, as IMGs, understand the struggles and challenges we faced in order to succeed and achieve our dream to train and practice in the United States.

Coming to a country this vast in order to study & train while also navigating the day-to-day chores of life is not an easy task, regardless of the family you may already have in the USA.

We aim to not only be mentors but also friends and colleagues who create a tight knit and ever-growing community

We feel obliged to give back to the IMG community via excellent courses specifically designed for IMGs by guiding, training, and mentoring the next generations of doctors and our future colleagues to succeed in their life and career goals.


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